Furqaan Academy specializes in providing a full-time Hifdh program.  It is a self-paced program and truly depends on the child’s ability to retain memorization.

The Hifdh students are not the only ones to receive the training of committing Qur’an to memory; all school children are expected to learn Qur’an by heart in what we call a part-time memorization, in which the emphasis on learning certain parts of the holy book. Along with Qur’an memorization, we have added Arabic language in the curriculum, so our students can better comprehend their memorization.  We want students to not just recite Qur’an but to fully understand its meanings.  Knowing Arabic assists the kids in memorization and later on retaining those lessons in their minds and hearts.

Approximately, many of our Hifdh students receive financial aid or sibling discounts, which mean we have to depend on your generous donations to support us. We ask of you, our generous donor, to help us in our mission to prepare Muslim American kids for this world and the hereafter. Your sponsorship will go a long way in providing operational assistance and buying latest teaching equipment. Help us prepare the future generation for this world and the hereafter!

Al-Furqaan Foundation is zakaat and sadaqa-eligible and tax-deductible.


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