Al-Furqaan Foundation believes in catering not just the general population, but we also firmly believe in serving the inmate community, which is often overlooked.

We receive numerous letters from the inmates who are seeking Islamic materials. One of the important facts is that Islam is accepted by many individuals during their imprisonments. Islam teaches to show the light of knowledge to a person, and we seek your support in fulfilling this teaching.

The interaction of inmates with the outside society is little to none, which makes it challenging for them to acquire authentic reading materials.  Furqaan proudly serves the inmate community as we are the bridge that they have between their world and the outside society.

Many of the inmates belong to families who cannot afford to pay for these books.  We fulfill the requests for materials free of charge.  Due to this reason, Al-Furqaan Foundation is constantly in need of donations to bring Islamic knowledge to these individuals who turn to us for aide.  This year Furqaan has distributed Qur’ans and literatures to more than 1,000 inmates across the country.

Please Donate generously. Remember no amount is too small to help the ones in need.  We and the inmates are appreciative of your sponsorship.

Al-Furqaan Foundation is zakaat and sadaqa-eligible and tax-deductible. 


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